Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bet #15. Anderson Silva will beat Chris Wiedman at UFC 168

Mike: Anderson Silva beats Weidman
David: Weidman beats Anderson Silva

BET: Dark carbonated beverage of the winner's choice

RESULT: Anderson Silva's leg lost to Weidman's knee.

That leg kick checking move with the knee is called "The Devastator". It was the third time he had checked that type of kick in this fight like that. Usually it hurts the other guy and he just lays off the kicks but because Anderson Silva throws with everything and the kitchen sink in it it must have been like hitting a tree. Weidman was winning the fight (he handily won the first round) and would have most likely grounded and pounded his way to victory in any case. I like this ending just fine though (I hope Anderson recovers). Not enough people check leg kicks like that and this just shows that it can be done. 

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