Thursday, April 13, 2006

#8 The Geocaching Crypto Challenge *

Remember Roger Maris?
The one-time pad is crackable when you decrypt the pad using (method of decryption removed) .
Mike got hosed again!


  1. In the spirit of the bet, all that was called for was that a crypto called 'one time pad' be solved.

    Secondly, what you said isn't entirely true and we can't elaborate in a public forum lest we give away clues.

    If two weeks would have passed, you can bet Mike would have collected with no protest from me.

    Goose/gander/pot/kettle/black and all that...


  2. If what you say is fact then how about another "one-time pad" bet with myself as the encrypter? This time I will give you 10 - 1 odds.

  3. Oh yeah, sorry about including the method of decryption. I forgot the volatile nature of the geocaching circuit.