Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Why Does This Blog Exist?

Good question, which will be explained below.

Some time ago there came a realization that our group discussions often came to an unresloved conclusion (very often meaningless) which left many of our members with feelings of emptiness. In an effort to address those feelings, this blog will be the official log of any arrangments made to settle disputes involving discussions that ended with the words "you wanna bet!".

On a historical note, the name for this blog is a reference to episode 44 of the cartoon "The Flintstones" otherwise known as "The Gambler" episode. In that episode everytime Fred heard the word bet his excitement level would slowly build to an orgasmic crescendo where he would scream out the words " bet bet". Interestingly enough as a result, Arnold the paper boy was the recipient of most of the Flintstone's furniture which he used to spiff up his clubhouse. MF is our Arnold and so far DC is our Fred. Word has it that the "clubhouse" is near the "creek" somewhere.

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