Thursday, April 13, 2006

#8 The Geocaching Crypto Challenge *

Remember Roger Maris?
The one-time pad is crackable when you decrypt the pad using (method of decryption removed) .
Mike got hosed again!

#8 The Geocaching Crypto Challenge! The One Time Pad

This is from a recent Geocache, the One-time pad by Mlord. The one time pad is a form of encryption thought to be theoretically unbreakable unless you have the key. I mentioned it at work, Slava went on and on about how they are unbreakable and Mikey bet me a breakfast and a coke that I would not figure it out within two weeks. It was actually a diminishing returns bet.. As follows:

  1. If solved by midnight Friday April 14th Zartimus gets a Breakfast and a Coke(#2 becomes void)
  2. If solved by midnight Friday April 21th Zartimus gets a Coke
  3. If NOT solved by midnight Friday April 28th Mikey gets a Coke(#4 becomes void)
  4. If NOT solved by midnight Friday May 5th Mikey gets a Breakfast and a Coke.

Cache was located by Zartimus at 7:36am Thursday April 13th.

Breakfast was delicious.. Thank you Mike!

P.S. Where's my Coke!

Saturday, April 8, 2006

#7 - The Great Race (Part 3)

Johnson, Lewis, Bailey, Carriere, T-Bag...some of the greatest sprinters the world has ever known will be running in the great race part 3 to be held on May 8 ,2006.
The bet:
T-Bag will beat Dave (barring injury) in a race from hockey net to hockey net.
Stakes: 1 breakfast.
T-Bag takes himself, Jim takes Dave.

#5 - Settled

Dave and his common sense revolution has prevailed.
Mike must pay up.